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198cc Sin Mini Chopper
You are looking at the baddest mini chopper on the market. There are lots of choppers out there that don't even compare to our model. Most of the other choppers have all kinds of fake plastic pieces, such as fake gas tanks, fake chrome motors, etc... Ours is solid and does not have any fake cover plastic junk on it. Our Mini chopper is a 198cc 4-stroke that will blow you away with its awsome sound (sounds just like the real deal), power, and looks. I can't stress enough on how bad A$$ this chopper is.
Motor: 198cc gas motorized
Rear drum brakes
Speed: up to 55 mph
Wheels: 10 inch
Weight: 130lbs
Riding Capacity: up to 350 lbs
Tank: 1 gallon
Range: 60 miles
Chain driven
  Item Discontinued!


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