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Gas scooter FAQ'S
Gas Scooters

Do we sell wholesale scooters?

Absolutely. Click the following link to visit our dealer page.

Can you go off road?

The Dirt Dog gas scooter and Bomber gas scooter are recommended if you want to go in the dirt. These 2 scooters both have large tires made for the dirt. You can also get the 36cc motorized scooter model with the larger tires. We do not recommend any other models for off road use.

Can these scooters go up hills?

All our scooters go up hills fine, although how well is dependent on a number of factors, such as rider weight and how steep the hill is. The Dirt Dog, X-racer and Bomber gas powered scooter handles hills a little better due to the larger engine size.

Do these scooters require a gas/oil mix?

Yes, all scooters require a 32:1 ratio gas/oil mix. If you do not have a ratio cup we recommend you to go buy one. If you mix too much oil or too little it will damage your motor. All ScooterX scooters come with a mixing cup.

How many miles per gallon do they get?

Most scooters get approximately 20 miles per tank. This is only an average though Also, quick acceleration and deceleration take up more gas. If you wish to conserve, maintain a constant speed.

What kind of maintenance do these gas powered scooters require?

Some basic maintenance is required. If riding regularly, it's a good idea to check all the bolts in the scooter every couple weeks (you can use the wrench provided in the toolkit if adjusting is needed). It's also a good idea to put some chain oil on the chain about once a month. Also, remember to always put the correct amount of 2-stroke oil in with the gas.

What do I do if my scooter breaks?

We sell all the parts that you would ever need. You can order directly off of our Scooter parts page. If you're not sure what you need just contact us and we can figure it out.

About the Company


ScooterX Wholesale Scooters has been in the scooter business since 2001. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a wholesale internet based business that is family owned and operated. We have a fully stocked warehouse that is open to the public.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 30 day manufacturer's warranty, meaning if any part fails in the first 30 days due to manufacturer's defect, we'll replace it for free. We do not cover abuse nor do we service the scooters unless you are local. All parts must be replaced by you. Read our scooter warranty page for more information.

Where are your gas powered scooters manufactured?

Our Scooters are made in China. Now, we have heard the horror stories of scooters manufactured in China, but ours do not fit the description of typical China-made scooters. We've worked closely with the manufacturer to make specific changes to the ScooterX line of scooters so they meet our high standards. Improvements such as every bolt is glued with lock tight at the factory, better bearings, stronger welds, high end tires, and better carburetors are just some of the changes we've made. Also, beware of knock-offs of ScooterX. some retailers sell scooters which look quite a bit like our models, but do not have the quality control.


How will you ship my scooter?

We ship all orders using Fed Ex ground ground service.

How long will it take for my scooter to get here?

Average shipping is 3-5 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We ship orders that are prepaid by wire transfer or money order only. No credit card payments are accepted for international orders. Extra shipping chargers also apply so please email us for more details.


What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa or American Express. All payments are processed through the website. Or you can call us to pay with Visa/Mastercard. 702-889-1741

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We also accept credit cards over the phone at 702-889-1741 mon-fri 8am-4pm pacific time

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