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Scooter X 52cc Hog Gas Scooter
You are looking at a brand new 52cc ScooterX Hog gas scooter that goes up to 35 mph. This scooter has a centrifugal clutch (automatic) and a pull starter. This scooter is definately our most awsome model. Not only does it look cool but its rides wonderful. The Hog is 1ft longer than any other scooter well sell and it also has more ground clearance. We consider ScooterX to be our top of the line scooter. We have seen great results and few problems with these scooters since the day we started selling them. These scooters are great for children or adults. Children or adults need to be careful when riding because these scooters are fast!

52cc Scooterx Gas Hog Scooter

52cc Hog
Motor: 52cc Chrome motor
Front and rear disc brakes
Speed: up to 28-35 mph
Air tires: 13x 6.5 inches <-----
Weight: 50 lbs
Riding Capacity: up to 350 lbs
Tank: 1 liter 25:1 Ratio
Range: 25 miles 32:1 ratio
Removeable seat

This model is no longer available.

Recommended upgrade for the ScooterX Hog
X Pipe

The ScooterX Power Pipe is back. Pipes ads 5-7mph speed and tons of power. This is the most powerfull upgrade you can get for your scooter.

Watch X-Pipe Video

Comes with installation instructions and all mounting hardware needed.

$125 delivered

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Rocket Key

Rocket Key

This is a timing advance key. It advances your spark which ads a very noticable power increase throughout the entire RPM range. It also increases top speed 2-3mph.

$18 delivered

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The ScooterX HP Race Head is finally here!. This is a high compression cylinder head for your 52cc engine. You can expect 3-4 mph from this head and significant power gains.

$90 Delivered

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Chrome Engine Plastics

ScooterX Chrome Engine Plastics

This is a replacement set of chrome engine plastics. This work fit any chinese engine (that looks like our engines) 43cc-52cc.

$35 Delivered

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