Which scooter fits your needs?

Wholesale scooters offers you nothing but the best quality gas scooters, go karts, gas skateboards, and mini choppers on the market.

Here is a quick run down of all our models. First we have the 22.5cc gas scooter. This is our entry level scooter that reaches speeds of around 18mph stock and has a 350 pound weight capacity. This gas scooter is recommended for ages 10 and up. Adults are more than welcome to ride this model also because of its direct drive system it has more power than other models we sell.

Next we have the 36cc Cruiser gas scooter. 18 mph cruise speed, 250 pound weight capacity. This model has a removable seat and centrifugal clutch. Recommended age 10 and up. This scooter is offered with a 8x2 inch tire or a 9x3 inch dirt tire. When you upgrade to the bigger tire you also upgrade to rear disc brakes.

Moving into the power models we have the 52cc Scooter X Dirt Dog. This model has a 350 pound capacity and its average speed is 28 mph stock. This scooter comes with 9x3 tires, front and rear disc brakes, removable seat and centrifugal clutch. This model is not recommended for children under the age of 10. You can upgrade this model to reach speeds of 35mph and have over 2.5hp.

Last scooter and far from least is our ScooterX Bomber. This model does not come with a seat option because it is designed for off road and racing use. We recommend this model for ages 13 and up. This model like the Dirt Dog can reach around 35 mph when upgrades are added. Comes standard with dual front shocks. Also standard is front and rear disc brakes. Max weight is 350 pounds and this will take you up a hill no problem.

The new 52cc ScooterX Hog Gas Scooter is our top of the line model. Its our biggest and fastest scooter. The Hog is about 1 ft longer than all our other models, has 13 x 6.5 inch tires, and is definately the attention getter out of the bunch. This model was designed and made in house so it handles better and is more reliable than any other model we sell. As stated above this is our top of the line model.

Mini Chopper: Our mini chopper is by far the baddest mini on the market. This is a 198cc 4 stroke mini chopper that goes 55 mph. This is not a toy and is not recommended for children under 16.

Go kart: This is a great unti for younger children. If you have worries about your child crashing a scooter this is the solution. This is very safe, not too fast, and lots of fun.

Pocket bike: These are fast and not recommended for young children. We have seen kids ride these as young as 5-6 years old but do not recommend that.Adults mostly ride the pocket bikes as a fun toy, some are even into racing them. Dont let the size of this bike fool you. The pocket bikes go 30 mph stock and are definately not a toy.

We hope our chart provides a little more information about our gas scooters for you. If you still have questions please email us.

We also accept credit cards over the phone at 702-889-1741 mon-fri 9am-5pm pacific time

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